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Tack piano: A piano with thumb tacks on the felts of the piano hammers to make it sound older and more authentic for playing ragtime and similar music.

Tag: A short addition to the end of a musical composition.

Tango: A dance of Spanish-American origin commonly in 4/4 meter.

Tempo: Refers to the speed of the underlying beat. The speed is determined by the number of beats counted over the span of 60 seconds.

Theme and variation: A musical form in which the theme is introduced and successive repetitions of the theme, changed or altered in some manner.

Third stream: A style which combines jazz improv with the instrumentation and compositional forms of classical music.

Thirteenth chord: A chord consisting of seven different tones, each separated by an interval of a third.

Time signature: Sign at the beginning of a composition indicating the grouping of beats in each measure. The meter signature 3/4 means that there are three beats in a measure and a quarter note gets a beat.

Tin Pan Alley: Refers to the industry centered in New York that published popular music.

Tonal inflection: Alteration of a tone's pitch or quality, done purposely at the beginning middle or end of a sound.

Tonal clash: Tones played simultaneously that produce a dischordant or clashing effect.

Tonal sonorities: The overall effect of the juxtaposition of tonal sounds.

Tone color (Timbre, Tone quality): The characteristic of sound which enables the listener to differentiate one instrument from another and in many cases one player from another.

Tremolo: Fluctuation in the volume of the sound usually at even alterations of loud and soft. The manner of playing a chord by rapidly sounding its different notes in alteration so that the chord retains character, but also sustains and trembles.

Turnaround (Turnback, Turnabout): The short progression within a chord progression that occurs just prior to the point of repeating a section or transition into a new section in a composition.

Two-beat style: A rhythm section style which emphasizes the first and third beats of each four beat measure, often leaving the second and fourth beats silent in the bass, sometimes called 'boom chick' style.

Trading fours: Two solo instruments alternating In playing four measure each.

Twelve bar string: A composition or a part of a composition containing 12 measures.




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